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Tunga van Vliet

Tunga has worked for more than 6 years with GlobalCollect custoemers and industry experts. She specializes in defining market requirements and translating them into achievable plans. She is responsible for organizing the GlobalCollect Customer Advisory Board, as well as many other important industry events.
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eCommerce & Singles Day

Today is the word’s biggest online shopping day, driven mainly by shopping in one country – China.  I have been thinking about the symbolism of number 1 on this day, and it is actually intriguing to think that this number - “1” is the core of the cyber-world that Chinese singles will be roaming today. 

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GlobalCollect Customer Advocacy: Nature & Nurture

20 June 2014 - For the past three years GlobalCollect has been using the term Customer Advocacy to officially signify its customer-centric approach to providing payment services and knowledge to online merchants. While the term itself may be only be three years old in the organization, to the employees the spirit of Customer Advocacy is entirely familiar and has been an inseparable part of GlobalCollect’s employee mentality for two decades.  

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eCommerce Payment Professionals Come Together at MRC

26 May, 2014 - Earlier this month, I was in Disneyland Paris. But the topic of interest was Risk, not Rides.

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