Insights EMEA - why merchant priorities define the agenda


At the end of last year, as we were preparing our 2015 marketing priorities and plan, we decided to solicit input from our most valuable resource – our clients – on the hot topics for the year. What better way to guarantee that our campaigns and content resonate and add value than to ask our primary audience?

Over 150 international merchants ended up participating in the survey, which gave us some interesting insights into what they consider their primary opportunities for growth, and the key challenges they face. The big themes that came up time and again included optimizing for mobile devices, fighting increasing fraud and chargebacks, finding ways to convert all the raw payments data they generate for strategic insights and optimization, and merging offline and online operations into a single, cross-channel approach.

Fast forward to today, and it’s exciting to see these key themes dominating the agenda for our annual Insights conference, which kicks off in Amsterdam this week. For the next few days, some of the biggest eCommerce companies from the EMEA region will convene in Amsterdam to meet with industry experts and executives from GlobalCollect and Ingenico Group. Through presentations, discussions and over drinks, we will learn, exchange ideas and best practices about these very same topics.

Our client Desigual, one of Europe’s leading fashion retailers, will be presenting some of their mobile commerce initiatives which leverage new GlobalCollect technology to optimize the checkout process for mobile devices. Global eCommerce growth is now driven mostly by mobile devices, and making sure you provide the best possible experience on mobile is a vital challenge for many merchants, as our survey clearly indicated. Another challenge that many merchants highlighted is the growing sophistication of online fraudsters.  In a panel discussion, representatives from Rail Europe, Richemond and Windsor will share and debate best practices for managing fraud and chargebacks, moderated by GlobalCollect’s Senior Risk Officer, Jackie Hart.

With regards to Business Intelligence and data analytics, another theme that our merchants flagged as very relevant for 2015, gaming company Square Enix will be present at Insights to explain how Business Intelligence can be both profitable and fun. Many of our merchants already use Elevate to make sense of the huge amounts of data they generate daily, and this is a fast growing area of our business. Also on the agenda is an update from Ingenico Labs, the innovation engine of our parent company Ingenico Group.

Many more topics will be discussed over the coming days, either as part of the agenda or over drinks during the social programs. But it’s rewarding to see those key themes that were highlighted as priorities for 2015 by our clients take such a prominent role in the conference. 


Posted by Jurriaan Trommels

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