GlobalCollect Elevate Data Services

Elevate is a comprehensive Business Intelligence solution, designed specifically for eCommerce payments and chargebacks.

Elevate translates your raw payment data into easy-to-read dashboards that let you quickly identify and act on payment problems and opportunities. Insights are organized around 5 key performance areas each consisting of interactive management dashboards. Elevate is a browser-based solution, so it can be accessed anywhere, anytime from any internet-connected device.

Elevate was conceived, developed and tested in close cooperation with GlobalCollect's Customer Advisory Board (GCAB), which is made up of leading international merchants, to help transform large volumes of payment data into a strategic asset for growth.

Case Study - How One Merchant Saved Millions with Elevate

Using Elevate to review global payment performance, a leading international merchant uncovered an anomaly in its payment data. Consumer drop-off in Germany was significantly higher than in other markets. The merchant investigated the issue and uncovered the reasons behind the high drop-off rates, and took immediate steps to address the issue.  

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With the assistance of our experts and analysts, the merchant optimized their checkout process in Germany by taking informed actions based on the insights from Elevate:

  • They improved the text displayed to consumers
  • They implemented additional payment products for an optimized payment product mix
  • And finally, they implemented changes to the rejection reason handling 

Afterwards, they used Elevate to monitor the impact of these changes.

Text changes were implemented first, leading to a 10% reduction in drop-off rates.  A modest improvement, but representing an immediate boost to the bottom line.

A couple of weeks later, the merchant implemented improvements to the product mix and rejection reason handling, leading to a further reduction in drop-off rates by 95%.

By using Elevate, the merchant was able to identify a problem, investigate its causes, take steps to improve processes, and ultimately increase revenue by EUR 2.5 million. Contact GlobalCollect today to learn more about what Elevate can do for your business.

2014 CNP Customer Choice Award Winner

We're proud to have been named Best Payment Service Provider at the 2014 CNP Awards in Orlando, Florida, taking home the Customer Choice Award. The CNP Awards are the premier showcase recognizing the best companies, programs and solutions in the card-not-present payments industry. The Customer Choice category was created to give a voice to all of the customers of every nominee.

The report accompanying the Award specifically calls out GlobalCollect’s recently introduced Elevate, a comprehensive Business Intelligence solution for payments and chargebacks that was developed in close cooperation with GlobalCollect's Customer Advisory Board (GCAB).

Data Overload

As global online commerce continues to expand and emerging economies in Asia, Latin America and Africa increasingly join the global online marketplace, international eCommerce companies are booming. However, with each additional market comes additional complexity, from local payment preferences and currencies, to new fraud environments. 

Cut through the clutter of payment data

In order to effectively manage this complexity and take maximum advantage of opportunities for growth, you need to cut through the clutter of raw payment data and find the patterns, trends and issues that need your attention most. But how do you find the time and expertise to process all this data?

Conversion Rate Optimization

Payments and fraud insights are essential to continuously improve the consumer experience at every stage of the journey - from discovery to purchase. This process is known as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).The eCommerce consumer journey is often visualized as a funnel, and the goal of CRO is to increase the number of consumers that progress from stage to stage, essentially widening the funnel. The narrowest part of the conversion funnel, the bottleneck in the customer journey, is the payment process. This is the moment a consumer converts into a paying customer. But where do you find the critical insights that optimize your customers' experience, reduce costs associated with fraud and chargebacks, and grow your online revenue? 

GlobalCollect's Elevate Data Services were developed to answer these questions.

Data to Insights

Elevate combines GlobalCollect’s two decades of international online payments experience, the industry-leading data visualization platform by Tableau, and the input from leading international eCommerce companies, to create a payments intelligence solution consisting of highly interactive management dashboards that answer real business questions. Centered around 5 key performance areas, these dashboards reveal the types of payments performance insights that let merchants quickly and easily identify trends and patterns, opportunities for optimization, and issues that need immediate attention. 

5 key performance areas in Elevate

  • Your Performance: A holistic view of payments performance across KPI’s that merchants indicated as most relevant;
  • Commercial Insights: Insights into consumer payment behavior;
  • Authorization Rates: Key authorization trends such as card performance and rejection reasons;
  • Payment Funnel: An overview of the payment stages a transaction goes through; and
  • Chargeback Insights: Reduce and prevent fraud through chargeback analysis

Provides insights for various functions

Elevate is browser-based, making it time, place and device agnostic, and was designed to support multiple functions within international eCommerce organizations. For senior management, Elevate provides access to comprehensive reports on global payments performance and trends, that help guide strategic decisions and grow revenue. Payment managers benefit from the granular insights they need to identify opportunities and optimize conversions on a day-to-day basis. Fraud managers can analyze chargeback data for unexpected patterns, and take swift and targeted measures to counter fraud and lower costs. 
GlobalCollect Elevate

Inspired and Guided by Merchants

Elevate was conceived in response to the unique need for insights expressed by GlobalCollect’s clients, and developed in close cooperation with GlobalCollect’s Customer Advisory Board (GCAB), which includes many leading international eCommerce companies.

The GCAB is our finger on the pulse of the eCommerce industry. GCAB members convene annually to exchange knowledge, best practices and joint opportunities, to discuss their challenges and requirements with GlobalCollect’s senior leadership, and to be informed of and influence GlobalCollect’s product roadmap.

The feedback we receive from GCAB members contributes significantly to joint development and extension of services. Elevate was conceived during the 2012 annual GlobalCollect Customer Advisory Board (GCAB) meeting, representing merchants across industries and regions, in response to the need for more insight into payments expressed by GCAB members. It was offered for input and feedback to GCAB members and other merchants over the course of 2013, and has been extensively piloted in advance of the Q1 2014 launch.