The retail industry is going through a major transformation. It will change more over the next 5 years then it has in the past 100. The retail practice at GlobalCollect is helping shape the future of retail with our merchants. We take time to understand the unique qualities of your business and how our services and expertise can assist you to lead in the fast moving cross border markets.

Whatever segment you're in, whether you're an online-only eCommerce store or a multinational multichannel branded retailer, we help you connect with the next generation of consumer. The mobile enabled, socially active and channel-agnostic consumer that expects payments to be invisible and frictionless.

As an extension of the retail practice, GlobalCollect participates with the Global Retail Insights Network (GRIN), a coalition of partners across the retail value chain with decades of expertise in helping retailers with their global ambitions.


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    With a diverse set of markets, consumer payment preferences are equally diverse. Levi's® worked with GlobalCollect to add a range of alternative payment methods to their checkout page. GlobalCollect provided consultancy and tools (e.g. Retail Decisions’ ReD Shield)

    - Levi's

    As a first-time attendee [of GCAB] I was impressed by the level of engagement and commitment from both the clients and the Global Collect team."

    Estée Lauder

    “GlobalCollect does have exceptional monitoring and crisis response capabilities and we’ve been happy with their level of service.''

    - Rosetta Stone

    "By partnering with GlobalCollect, now provides buyers with an unrivalled array of secure and popular payment options alongside equally hassle-free product search, selection and shipping methods. Via our association with world-leading suppliers such as GlobalCollect, offers small businesses and entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to realize the benefits of international trade with China."


    "By choosing GlobalCollect’s Hosted Merchant Link, BODUM® can be sure that data provided by customers is treated 100% confidentially. Thanks to the automated data exchange between GlobalCollect and BODUM®, the cost-per-order can be brought down - making it easier and cheaper for us to provide new payment solutions to our customers in the future.”

    Jacob Rode, CEO, Bodum

The Segments We Work In



The top cross-border retail category is apparel; with clothes, shoes and accessories accounting for over $12.5 billion in online purchases within the top 6 major markets in the last 12 months. This is expected to grow to $36.8 billion by 2018. (Paypal, 2013) We see our top apparel brands as partners in innovation, helping to forge the next generation of cross border retail. Our strategic payments model and ongoing payments intelligence helps retailers realize their full revenue and cost savings potential.



GlobalCollect specializes in working with luxury brands on their global payments strategy. For luxury brands, it is essential to offer their consumers a special experience on the web. Consumers expect hands on treatment with a localized checkout experience. Luxury brands also have a high average transaction value, which necessitates specialized global fraud rules.


Social Commerce

Social Commerce is the fastest growing retail segment of the market with an annual growth rate of over 56%. Consumers live on their phones and depend on friends and family for recommendations. GlobalCollect understands this environment and is committed to providing a localized frictionless experience.


Physical Goods

All physical goods environments require an understanding of the retail value chain from marketing to checkout and logistics. GlobalCollect's retail practice works with a coalition of experts to help provide seamless guidance and support for any global physical goods deployment.


Direct Selling

GlobalCollect has opened the door to global online payment processing for many leading direct selling companies. We understand the intricacies and complexities of the Direct Selling model. We help develop specific strategies per market to increase conversions, retain distributors, and streamline your global payments platform.

Processing Services

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Direct Selling

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Credit, Debit & Prepaid Cards

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GlobalCollect provides Payment Processing Services and Payment Knowledge Services to some of the world's best known retailers. To learn more about what these services can do for your business, visit our Services page,

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