Digital Products Don’t Have Borders


It’s no secret that we enjoy strong alliances to complement our offerings and provide our merchants with the best services possible. One of our key existing partnerships in the digital goods and services industry is Vindicia. GlobalCollect and Vindicia have been working together for a while and I am proud of our partnership, which has boosted both companies and enabled us to go further for our clients. 

But now GlobalCollect and Vindicia are stepping it up a notch, by extending this strategic alliance into LATAM, with the opening of Vindicia offices in the region. And I am thrilled to officially welcome our friends into the region.

The current payment landscape in Latin America is complicated - LATAM consists of many different markets and regulations. Brazil, Argentina and Mexico are the leading ones, with Colombia, Chile, Peru, and several others emerging but still relatively immature. Merchants must carefully consider their regional strategy and are often faced with a combination between establishing a local presence or proceeding with cross-border transactions. As a specialized regional payments partner, I have worked closely with Vindicia to determine the best approach for their goals.

Growing revenue sustainably and globally can be challenging, while minimizing customer churn, extending customer lifetime value, and acquiring new customers are vital for expanding in new global markets. GlobalCollect and Vindicia share the joint goal of offering the best solution for merchants in digital goods transactions and payment processing and our efforts span across multiple business models, customs and cultural preferences. Vindicia’s new office will further promote our existing partnership and enable us to create even more value for customers together.

That is why I am so pleased to welcome Vindicia into the LATAM region and celebrate the opening of their new local office. Without a doubt, this will deepen GlobalCollect’s and Vindicia’s partnership, enabling both companies to offer more to their customers and extending our partnership beyond borders.

Posted by Juan Stadler

Topics: Events, Regional