It’s what we do with you that counts

By now, I hope that you have heard the news that Ingenico Payment Services/Ogone and GlobalCollect have merged together under one new brand – Ingenico ePayments. Without a doubt, this new brand embodies the ambition of Ingenico Group within the eCommerce space. 

It's what we do with you that counts

Together, we exceed the sum of our parts and are creating the future of online and mobile commerce. Our payment options, multi-currency capabilities, fraud and security solutions and mobile-first technologies have integrated beautifully and we are investing in enhancing our platforms and products across the organization to make Ingenico ePayments’ position even stronger.

We firmly believe in our technology and our products, but we also believe that our service and customer care is crucial to what we do. That is why we make sure to give our merchants and partners the best experience possible while working on their payment needs. Our goal is to be their trusted partner, so they know we truly support their ambitions, no matter whatever or wherever they are.

Investing in People

The first step towards making this goal a reality has been to engage with our own people and set the internal stage for our new direction. Our employees are the heart and soul of our business and it is their hard work and efforts that enable Ingenico ePayments to go further beyond. Because of this, Ingenico ePayments has invested the past four months in what is internally known as the “Global Brand Journey.”

Our Global Brand Journey took place in every GlobalCollect and Ingenico Payment Services/Ogone office worldwide. Over 600 employees participated in offices located in Singapore, London, Hoofddorp, Brussels, Buenos Aires and San Francisco. Ingenico ePayments colleagues around the world shared stories of how their teams make a difference in our clients’ business and help them go further. The results were astounding. This four-hour workshop helped create the foundation for the new Ingenico ePayments brand, by emphasizing our consultative approach and customer-centric focus. And perhaps more importantly, it reminded our people of how valuable they are to the company and it encouraged our colleagues to take pride in their work. 

Going Forward into the Future, Together

To be sure, our new company has complementary technologies and enhanced synergies which will allow us to leapfrog past the competition in the industry. Our innovative spirit drives us beyond today’s boundaries to create the future of global commerce. We connect merchants and consumers, enabling businesses everywhere to go further, due to the hard work of our employees.

The Ingenico ePayments team is the engine that powers us and by investing in our people, we can improve the services that we provide to our clients. We are confident that empowering our employees will ultimately result in more benefits for our merchants, as we work together to make their goals a reality. Which is why we believe that: “It’s not just what we do for you, but it’s what we do with you that counts.”


Posted by Pierre-Antoine Vacheron

Topics: Events, Payments