The Modern CFO

Business is changing across all verticals and in every size operation around the world. CFOs, who have always played a key role in business, are now responsible for responding quickly to rapid market changes and evolving conditions. That’s a tall order, and it was exactly what we discussed at Zuora’s Subscribed event in London on 7th October 2015.

Zuora is a subscription platform that enables businesses to launch and monetize their subscription products and services. Zuora understands the changes in traditional business models and this event was a great opportunity to meet and network with some of the heavy hitters in the industry. And since I participated in their panel about “The Modern CFO,” along with Tyler Sloat, Zuora’s CFO, I found the discussion particularly engaging.

Metrics a modern CFO uses and how they influence different areas of the organization were the focus of the panel. I was asked to give insight into how GlobalCollect enables CFOs to make better decisions and influence or even change those metrics.

So how does GlobalCollect help CFOs achieve and manage their key metrics?

1. Simplifying Reports: GlobalCollect has a customizable three-layer reporting model which consists of online real-time messaging, as well as daily offline financial and operational reports. These offer CFOs a complete overview of all payment transactions and rejections, so that he or she doesn’t need to waste time managing that information.  

2. Accessing Potential Markets: In essence, we enable merchants to take their business further, by accepting global and local payment products and currencies. At the end of the day, businesses that sell more make more, so it goes without saying that increasing revenue through new avenues matches the CFO’s key metrics and enables them to perform better.

3. Understanding Payment Data: Business intelligence is vital tool for a CFO who wants to understand his company’s current competitiveness and future opportunities. Our comprehensive business intelligence solution is designed for eCommerce and it provides digestible overviews of a company’s performance, such as commercial insights, authorization rates, payment funnel, and chargebacks. CFOs that have a clear picture of their company’s metrics, have insight into trends, issues and patterns, which can be encouraged or addressed, empowering them to achieve more.

To be sure, CFOs have to carefully navigate their changing landscape. According to Zuora, “a recent survey of Fortune 1000 CFOs found that 81% of CFOs believed they worked at companies that viewed their finance role as a ‘strategic business partner’… and CFOs predict their role will continue to change as they shift what they spend their time on and for how long.”[1] Thankfully, CFOs have a lot of smart options for helping them manage and meet their metrics.


To learn more about how GlobalCollect helps modern CFOs make better decisions and influence change in their companies, please contact our Alliances Team at  

[1] Megan Golden, Sr. Manager, Content Marketing, Zuora, “The Modern CFO: From Geek to Guru.”

Posted by Neil Hopcroft

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