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Securing Payment Data

Successful cyber-attacks  gain a lot of attention in the press, especially when big merchants are targeted and hacked with various degrees of breach. This is an alarming trend going on around the world, and it is clear that hackers are increasingly targeting sensitive consumer information, and payment details in particular.

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It’s what we do with you that counts

By now, I hope that you have heard the news that Ingenico Payment Services/Ogone and GlobalCollect have merged together under one new brand – Ingenico ePayments. Without a doubt, this new brand embodies the ambition of Ingenico Group within the eCommerce space. 

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eCommerce Strategy: Web Shop Basics

Whether you are an established brick and mortar merchant looking to expand on-line or a business launching a new product line or service, setting up a web shop is a great step with lots of revenue potential.

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Appetite for Risk in Cross-Border eCommerce

16 June 2014 - In the Risk Department we often get asked what are the criteria to accept a certain online merchant? What are the items you base your decision on?

Therefore I guess it’s time to share some of the secret ingredients of the risk kitchen.

In essence there are 3 main categories to which each application is screened.

-   Laws, rules & regulations
-   The client’s business model & financial risk
-   Company policies / reputational risk

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Cross-border eCommerce in Europe: Four Key Trends

13 June 2014 - Europe is a mature eCommerce market, but it keeps constantly changing and evolving. For merchants, there is still plenty of opportunity for growth by expanding into new European markets. However, the unique dynamics of the cross-border eCommerce market do require careful consideration and planning.

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