Why our customers voted us Best PSP at the CNP Awards

6 June 2014 - If you work in online payments, you probably know that the CNP Expo recently took place in Florida. If you’re a player, you probably attended. My colleagues Kent Wuebben and Rob Marriott certainly did, and took home the Customer Choice Award for Best Payment Service Provider at the CNP Awards ceremony.


Now, to win an award is always nice. But others won awards too. So let me take a moment to explain why I’m so proud for GlobalCollect to have won this award specifically.

First off, the CNP Awards come in two flavors: Judges Choice and Customer Choice. The difference is self-explanatory, and – in the words of CNP boss Steve Casco – “this year's CNP Awards had a record number of nominations and a record number of votes for Customer Choice nominees.”

If you’re familiar with GlobalCollect, you know that we have a very focused customer base. We work with major international merchants with significant cross-border operations – that’s where we can add the most value. That means that in absolute numbers, we have fewer customers than most of our competitors yet they generated the most votes. That really shows their engagement with GlobalCollect, and makes the win so much more rewarding for me.

Second, and this is very significant for me as well: the win is directly tied to our recent introduction of Elevate. The reason this is relevant is because Elevate is a perfect example of how we work with our customers to develop and expand our services and how we make sure that what we deliver to the market solves an existing problem for our customers.

We know our customers appreciate our payment processing services, because they tend to stay with us. Check customer retention figures for PSP’s and you’ll see what I mean. But our industry is changing, and simple payment processing is becoming a commodity service. The best and biggest merchants expect their PSP to innovate and help them maneuver these changes. Through initiatives such as our Customer Advisory Board, we make sure our customers have a voice in how our company and our services evolve. Elevate is a first real example of a new and innovative solution that was conceived, developed and tested with direct involvement from customers, because it meets a need they have. To win Customer Choice confirms that this approach of co-creating new solutions works, and is appreciated by our customers.

So yeah, winning an award is always nice. But this one isn’t for best lighting or best sound effects. As our CEO Tom Staudt said: “customer satisfaction is one of the greatest metrics of success for any company”. If you’d like to know more about our Customer Advisory Board and its role in our product roadmap, drop me a note in the comment section below.     

Jurriaan Trommels is Senior PR & Communications Manager for GlobalCollect


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