Ingenico ePayments and YouPass Work Together Exclusively to Provide Gamers New Payment Options

Ingenico ePayments, the online and mobile commerce division of Ingenico Group, today announced that it entered into an exclusive partnership with the digital card company, YouPass, to provide gamers with new payment options that meet their growing demands. 

YouPass, a company that has enjoyed enormous growth over the past year, understands that they need a payment service provider to support their ambitions for expansion into new products and new markets around the world, and they are particularly impressed by Ingenico ePayments’ extensive knowledge and reach within the gaming industry, as well as their customer-oriented service.

Charles Goguet, Business Development Officer from YouPass stated: “Once we learned that Ingenico ePayments offers all of the currencies and payment methods we want, as well as simplified financial management, managed fraud services and a comprehensive business intelligence tool, we immediately knew that Ingenico ePayments is the long-term partner that can take us global. What’s more, Ingenico ePayments’ expansive payment portfolio is a great fit for our customers’ preferences and their data solutions are exactly what we need to understand our growth patterns and leverage them to match our ambitions.”

Gaming has proven to be an increasingly important industry in eCommerce, as the world continues to digitalize and games are offered on more mobile devices. To stay ahead, Inengico ePayments and YouPass are working closely together to add additional payment options for YouPass’s EMEA customers, and will expand these efforts in the coming months to reach their customers in APAC as well.

Ingenico ePayments and YouPass will work together exclusively for the next three years, to offer gamers from around the world their preferred payment options in their preferred local currencies, ensuring a seamless checkout experience. In addition, YouPass will enjoy the security gained from Ingenico ePayments’ managed fraud services and the insights available in the comprehensive business intelligence tool, Elevate.


David Jimenez, Chief Revenue Officer from Ingenico ePayments has said: “It is exciting to watch YouPass grow as rapidly as it has and enable them to go further. The gaming industry and its customers are at the cutting edge of eCommerce and we are proud that our innovative products and services enable us to easily enter into such a comprehensive collaboration with YouPass.”

About Ingenico ePayments

Ingenico ePayments is the online and mobile commerce division of Ingenico Group. We connect merchants and consumers, enabling businesses everywhere to go further beyond today’s boundaries and creating the future of global commerce. As industry leaders since 1994, our innovative spirit drives us forward across all channels. We are the trusted partner of over 65,000 small and large merchants who rely on us to make payments easy and secure for their customers. With advanced data analytics, fraud management solutions and cross-border commerce expertise, we help merchants optimize their business and grow into new markets around the world. For more information, visit www.ingenico.com/epayments or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

About YouPass

YouPass provides video-gamers and millennials new banking options and payment solutions for buying and selling digital goods. Established in France in 2011, YouPass is an exciting FinTech company launched by a millennial who understands the future of payments and wants to make banking awesome for the Y generation. With nearly one transaction per second and three branches across Europe, YouPass has positioned itself as a dominant player in the micropayment and gaming industry. To learn more about our philosophy and projects, follow YouPass on LinkedIn or contact us.

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