• Levis case study

    Levi's Case Study

    With a diverse set of markets, consumer payment preferences are equally diverse. Levi's® worked with GlobalCollect to add a range of alternative payment methods to their checkout page. GlobalCollect provided consultancy and tools (e.g. Retail Decisions’ ReD Shield).

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Testimonial - CCP

"GCAB has enabled CCP to ensure a direct high level feedback loop between us and GlobalCollect on the strategy and priorities for both organizations.

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Topics: Industry-gaming, GCAB

Testimonial - Estée Lauder

"As a first-time attendee [of GCAB] I was impressed by the level of engagement and commitment from both the clients and the Global Collect team.

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Testimonial - KLM

"I think the advisory board is very worthwhile. It is an excellent platform to give direct feedback to GC top management. Furthermore it is a perfect opportunity to get in touch with other customers, so you can share experiences and learn about payment challenges in other business areas."

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Topics: Industry-travel, GCAB

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