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    Levi's Case Study

    With a diverse set of markets, consumer payment preferences are equally diverse. Levi's® worked with GlobalCollect to add a range of alternative payment methods to their checkout page. GlobalCollect provided consultancy and tools (e.g. Retail Decisions’ ReD Shield).

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Testimonial - Sony Music Entertainment

"The international payment strategy proposed by GlobalCollect not only offers the broadest choice of payment methods to our visitors but also the advantage of a scalable one-stop shop solution. Plus, the WebCollect platform reduces risk thanks to comprehensive fraud screening tools and increases conversion rates thanks to a multitude of currencies and popular payment products.”

Patrick Bingley, Director D2C Sales Europe

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Splendor Telecom

''We looked at several payment service providers to ensure that our customers have a secure online payment experience, and found GlobalCollect to be an outstanding partner. GlobalCollect not only provides a global service but also instills client trust - while offering the convenience of a wide selection of payment options from one source.”

Omar Onsi, CEO

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