• Levis case study

    Levi's Case Study

    With a diverse set of markets, consumer payment preferences are equally diverse. Levi's® worked with GlobalCollect to add a range of alternative payment methods to their checkout page. GlobalCollect provided consultancy and tools (e.g. Retail Decisions’ ReD Shield).

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Case study - Financial Times

''It would make no sense to develop new contractual relationships on an individual basis between FT and each new payment method like iDeal or PayPal.''

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Testimonial - Magento

'''Our partnership with GlobalCollect certainly allows us to continue to empower retailers’ dreams and visions for growth in a unique way. GlobalCollect’s flexibility to work with a wide range of currencies and payment methods makes it easy for retailers to focus on the day to day operations of their shop without needing to worry about how to collect and process payments. Any partnership which helps to increase retailers’ efficiency is a partnership worth making.”

Roy Rubin, CEO

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