Payment Knowledge Services


Our Payment Knowledge Services help you optimize your payment processes and grow your business by giving you access to two decades of specialist payment expertise. This includes Elevate, a comprehensive Business Intelligence solution designed specifically for online payments and chargebacks. Elevate translates your payment data into interactive dashboards that let you quickly identify and act on problems and opportunities.

Through our Managed Fraud Services, GlobalCollect experts can help you maximize approvals, minimize chargebacks and reduce operational cost. Our Consulting Services team is on hand for payment performance analysis, technical consultancy and knowledge-sharing engagements. And should your requirements take us outside of our core expertise or licenses, our Partner Services team gives you access to our industry-leading consulting partners to provide ancillary advice and assistance.

Elevate Business Intelligence

Elevate was conceived in response to the unique need for insights expressed by GlobalCollect’s clients, and developed in close cooperation with GlobalCollect’s Customer Advisory Board (GCAB), which includes many leading international eCommerce companies. With Elevate, GlobalCollect merchants can now apply advanced data analytics and visualization to their unstructured payments data, transforming it into a rich source of strategic insights that help optimize their online business and drive sales.

Elevate combines GlobalCollect’s payments knowledge with strategic guidance from leading international eCommerce companies and the industry-leading data visualization platform by Tableau Software, to create a payments intelligence solution consisting of highly interactive management dashboards that answer real business questions. 

Centered around 5 key performance areas, these dashboards reveal the types of payments performance insights that let merchants quickly and easily identify trends and patterns, opportunities for optimization, and issues that need immediate attention. The 5 key performance areas in Elevate are:

  • Your Performance, which presents a holistic view of payments performance across the 6 KPI’s that merchants indicate are most relevant to them;
  • Commercial Insights, which provides insight into consumer payment behavior;
  • Authorization Rates, which reveals key authorization trends such as card performance and rejection reasons;
  • Payment Funnel, which provides an overview of the payment stages a transaction goes through; and
  • Chargeback Insights, which helps prevent fraud through chargeback analysis 

Elevate is a mature and tested solution with a clearly defined, user-driven roadmap. It requires no installation and because it is browser-based, Elevate's dashboards and reports are accessible any time, any place from any internet-connected device.

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Managed Fraud Services

GlobalCollect’s Managed Fraud Services combine industry-leading fraud detection tools with dedicated fraud experts to provide you with the optimal balance between fraud protection and sales conversion.

Our fraud experts bring deep industry and regional expertise, and work closely with you to develop, implement and manage a holistic fraud solution that includes prevention, detection and management.

Our value-added fraud services are complemented by our partnerships with industry-leading fraud solution providers, and are built on GlobalCollect’s two decades of international payments experience. GlobalCollect Managed Fraud Services are designed to maximize approvals, minimize chargebacks and reduce operational cost.
Managed Fraud Services

Consulting Services

Our Consulting Services team provides expertise to help turn your eCommerce strategy into reality, take your brick and mortar business online, or breathe life into your existing payment integrations. Our areas of focus include business/payment performance analysis, technical consultancy and knowledge-sharing engagements.


Payment Performance

Payment Analytics are used to discover how are your individual payment types are performing on a global scale. This provides you with opportunities to uplift performance and increase sales, by reducing drop‐offs and increasing conversions.
Payment Performance


Payments Consultation

Our focus is to help you achieve an increase in sales while simplifying and reducing payment processing costs. We achieve this through an in-depth analysis and consultation approach to identify the enablers that can turn your vision into an effective payments management strategy.
Payments Consultation


Data Migration

Our experts are on hand to guide you through the import or export of payment data to/from GlobalCollect. Every data migration is managed individually to ensure a smooth successful transition between partners.


International Expansion

We have experts on hand to guide you through the payment products, e-commerce culture/trends, and localization expectations when you expand your customer base to new regions. Offering the right mix of product, currency and user experience has a huge impact on your business success.
International Expansion

Partner Services

GlobalCollect has selected key consulting partners to provide ancillary advice and assistance where their expertise, or licensing, surpasses that of our own. Through GlobalCollect Partner Services, you have access to this network of industry-leading partners who are experts in the following fields:


360 Payment Diagnostic

There are significant opportunities for merchants to realize efficiencies within payment acceptance and/or to increase revenues related to payments. As an international consultancy specialized in payments, Edgar, Dunn & Company (EDC) can help identify, prioritize and implement these efficiencies and revenue opportunities.
360 Payment Diagnostic


Foreign Exchange Risk Advisory

AFEX Markets can provide you with the very best foreign exchange management advice to protect your business from the risk and stress associated with one of the world’s most volatile and complex markets. 
Foreign Exchange Risk Advisory Service


Corporate Management Services

Molade Trust Management (“MTM”) provides the very best incorporation and corporate management services in The Netherlands and Europe to facilitate your customer collection processes through European Merchant banks. 
Corporate Management Services


Global Tax Services

GlobalCollect’s clients do business on five continents.  KPMG has a tax expert wherever your business needs to expand, covering all areas of tax, including tax compliance.  Our organizations have teamed together to assist you in avoiding the pitfalls – and maximizing the opportunities – involved in doing business overseas, and setting up overseas entities. 
Global Tax Service


PCI Compliance

Achieving PCI compliance is a highly specialized process, and GlobalCollect’s clients need to consider the PCI Compliance implications of handling consumer payment information. Alina Consultants is on hand to help navigate this environment. 
PCI Compliance


Issuing Opportunities

There are significant opportunities for merchants to realize efficiencies within payment acceptance and/or to increase revenues related to payments through loyalty and co-branded programs.  Edgar, Dunn & Company (EDC) can identify these opportunities and assist with strategies to realize them. 
Issuing Opportunities

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